Julian Reid is a gardener from Wiltshire, UK. The title of his first book, Totally Unexpected Poems, is based on his experiences, from things that have happened to him, things he has seen or listened to and people he has met
throughout his life.

At the age of ten when he was due to attend the local school, the education department decided that he was not learning the way he should, so they sent him off to a special-needs school as a weekly boarder. The school considered him lazy and backward and never taught im how to read and write so he left with no qualifications. It was by chance that while he was at college studying for further education at the age of thirty he was tested for dyslexia and following this his life soon began to change.

With visual aids it was not long before he was reading and he was hungry to learn as much as he could.

He now has qualifications in IT and has worked for very well-known companies; he also has horticulture qualifications which enable him to work as a gardener. He has worked for so many people in many walks of life and has learnt so much by memory, pictures, visual and audio aids.

Julian has a few hobbies and interests; he enjoys creative writing, music/songs of all kinds, music editing, singing badly and creating his own tunes. He also does a bit of amateur photography, Internet surfing, motorbike touring, driving exploring, trying different foods from around the world and understanding different cultures.

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