The Directors

Behind The Scenes

Duncan Potter

Duncan brings a strategic focus on operations and technology to his collaborations with publishers and production suppliers, a partnership that has flourished since the late 1990s. His expertise extends beyond managing teams and nurturing customer relationships; he played a pivotal role in establishing a production office in Chennai, India, showcasing his adeptness at coordinating international operations.

Duncan’s involvement in production management is matched by his accomplishments in overseeing numerous technical initiatives. Among his notable achievements is the development of a comprehensive pre-press management system. His ability to deliver holistic solutions is rooted in his profound technical acumen, encompassing both production workflows and web development.

His visionary approach has led to the implementation of advanced technical solutions for esteemed publishers, including Taylor & Francis, Oxford University, The Royal Society, and Cambridge University Press. Duncan’s contributions have consistently enhanced the publishing landscape, reflecting his commitment to innovation and excellence.

Paul Beaney

Paul is a seasoned professional specialising in project management and customer service, with a career spanning back to 1978. His journey began as an apprentice film compositor, progressing to a keyboard operator role at BAS Printers. In 1987, Paul transitioned to Santype International, a company renowned for its pioneering work in mathematical typesetting.

Over a tenure of 17 years at Santype, Paul’s expertise evolved from keyboard operation to page makeup, culminating in his promotion to assistant manager, where he led a team of 30. His final four years with Santype, and subsequent time at Techset Composition, saw Paul excel as a Senior Account Manager. He adeptly managed production units in India and forged strong connections with clients across the UK, US, and Europe, including prestigious names like Kluwer Academic, Cambridge University Press, CRC Press, AIAA, Wiley Books, Thieme, University of Toronto Press, International Press, Henry Stewart, Maney Publishing, Egerton, TSO, and SPIEE.