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Project Management

We recognise the critical nature of adhering to deadlines and budgets. Our project managers are steadfastly committed to overseeing the production of your journals and books with utmost efficiency and professionalism.

To streamline the process for publishers, our UK-based managers bring a wealth of expertise to the table. This local presence allows for seamless communication via email or phone, eliminating the complexities of navigating cultural nuances or time zone disparities.


Language wields immense power when wielded with precision, and at Riverside Publishing Solutions, we approach editing with the gravity it deserves. We recognise that copy-editing is not just a step but the cornerstone of any publishing workflow, setting the stage for a seamless process thereafter.

Understanding the spectrum of editing needs is crucial, and we’re adept at tailoring our services to the unique demands of each project. Our goal is to present your content in the most accessible manner possible.

Whether your work requires a light touch-up or an in-depth language and sense edit, our team is equipped to ensure accuracy and coherence. Alongside our skilled in-house editors and proof-readers, we boast a network of elite freelance editors in the UK and dedicated editorial teams in India. The nuances of editing are many, and our UK-based project managers are on hand to guide you through the options best suited for your content.


Riverside Publishing Solutions has embraced the advancements in page composition technology both in the UK and India, enabling us to deliver superior quality with help from our esteemed partners. Our repertoire of publishing systems includes APP (3b2)LaTeX and InDesign. In today’s diverse platform landscape, XML has emerged as the predominant text markup language, facilitating versatile outputs across web pages, tablets, and mobile phones.

In the rush towards digital proofing, the art of typesetting is often undervalued. At Riverside, we champion the timeless importance of a well-typeset page, confident in our ability to achieve this standard with ease.

While content consumption continues to evolve across various platforms, we uphold the belief that the printed form should exemplify the highest quality. Meticulous attention to spacing, alignment, and column balance is not just achievable—it’s our standard, setting our products apart. Moreover, our collaboration with select partners in India allows us to offer these premium services at highly competitive rates.

Adobe explain typography very well in the below quote:

TYPOGRAPHY IS ONE OF THE MOST VISIBLE and least acknowledged art forms in our culture. It gives form to language, and is as adept at expressing time-honoured traditions as it is at communicating current trends. Whether you’re designing an annual report for a conservative financial institution or a catalogue for a snowboard manufacturer with attitude, you want your typography to support your document’s image. And you want to focus your efforts on making design decisions that enhance that image, not on thinking about your software.


It’s a well-acknowledged truth that a book’s cover casts the first impression. The color palettetypographyimagery, and design layout serve as visual heralds of the content within, prompting an almost instantaneous verdict on its appeal. Thus, investing in the right aesthetic is crucial. Our meticulous attention to detail encompasses every design element—from the spacing above headings to the line leading and kerning—ensuring that each publication not only looks exceptional but feels intuitively right to the reader.


Have you penned a potential bestseller? Allow Riverside Publishing Solutions to elevate your manuscript to its fullest potential, ensuring it receives the acclaim it deserves.

We specialise in a suite of services tailored for authors: from meticulous copy-editing and precise typesetting to artistic book page layout designvivid illustrations, and captivating cover designs. Our expertise is not limited to any genre or format—be it a vibrant collection of photographs, a savoury recipe book, an enchanting children’s tale, heartfelt poetry, an insightful guide, or your debut novel. We’re equipped to transform your work into a polished, professional publication, available in Mobi, ePub, and PDF formats.

For a deeper dive into the self-publishing journey, we invite you to explore our insightful article. Embark on your publishing adventure with confidence.


Collaborating with our handpicked printing allies, Riverside Publishing Solutions guarantees the finest printing solutions at unbeatable prices, tailored to your needs—be it a large-scale print run or a singular masterpiece. Precision is at the heart of our craft. We blend the finest materials, optimal techniques, and fair pricing to forge the quintessential print.

Our services cater to every preference and requirement: digital or litho, paperback or hardback, each product is crafted to your exact specifications. Moreover, our seamless integration with the Bookvault print-on-demand service ensures that your work is as dynamic and accessible as the market demands.

Archiving and Digitisation

Riverside Publishing Solutions harnesses cutting-edge scanning technology to transform your archival materials into the latest PDF format, complete with searchable text. Additionally, we offer the flexibility to convert these documents into XML and e-book formats.

Our UK office presents a distinct advantage—send us any journal or book material for scanning without the burden of exorbitant courier fees. We promise high-quality PDF conversions, and when needed, our partners in India can efficiently produce XML, providing a cost-effective digitisation service.

In the digital era, scanning documents is imperative for ensuring accessibility across the web. Organisations are increasingly turning to digitisation to preserve their archives, thereby reducing operational and infrastructural expenses associated with physical storage.

While digitisation may sometimes lead to skewed pages or unclear text, our sophisticated software guarantees that margins and page alignment mirror the original print, faithfully reproducing the content as it was intended.