There are many reasons why you may wish to self-publish your book as opposed to being published via a conventional publisher. You may have written it for a very niche market, or perhaps you are the one person who can sell and promote your book the best way. You may also wish to obtain more profits from selling your book and want to retain the copyright. Another advantage is you do not have to wait for literary agents or publishers to start working on your title.

Riverside Publishing Solutions produce top quality paperback, hardback, and eBooks. We always like to hear of new titles and discuss the possibilities of working with any genre of book, whether it is fiction, non-fiction, novels, poetry, academic, self-help, biographies, or any other type. Our initial consultation is always free and like every other stage of production, we are here to help.

From the first conversation we look to engage in your project and understand what it is you are looking to achieve, this is the single most important thing at the beginning of the production and will determine the budget, design, and final product. Although we can discuss this briefly on the telephone, we usually recommend scheduling a meeting at our office in Lower Woodford, Salisbury. Our office is very central to southern England and a reasonable train or car journey from either London, Oxford, Southampton or Bristol.

Our initial consultation will give us an idea of how we proceed with the production of your title; the kind of design and layout you require, and whether it will need to be copy-edited, proofread, indexed, or any other of the pre-press services we offer. You may need an illustrator or cover design which we can discuss in detail. We can also determine the number of printed copies you require which then determines the best way of printing. Authors often have varying degrees of knowledge about publishing, we would use this meeting to build an understanding of this. It is best to have a copy of the manuscript (an electronic version is fine) at this stage too, along with any illustrations you may have.

Once we know your requirements, we will provide a customised proposal that will itemise each service required. Although at this stage we may not know the exact size of the book we will have a good idea based on the style and size determined in our initial meeting. Any variations in production are easy to calculate as we base prices on a page unit or for copy-editing we quote per 1000 words. We can also at this stage give you an idea of print costs, therefore before you even decide on working with us, you will have a good idea of your total outlay.

When the proposal has been accepted, we will proceed with the production of your book. If copy-editing is to be included, there are likely to be queries raised during the process, these will be emailed and implemented before proceeding to the supply of proof. The proof of your book will be emailed to you as an attachment or if it is too large for an attachment (over 10Mb), a unique link will be sent via email for you to download. We urge you to take a good look through the pages at this stage and depending on the content, might suggest an independent proofread which we can provide.

On receipt of any amendments, Riverside Publishing Solutions will next provide a final proof to review and as we now know the page extent, a final quote can be provided for pre-press and print.

If the author is happy with the final proof then printing can commence, this is usually achieved within two weeks of final approval. Final payment can be settled on receipt of the printed copies. If an eBook has been chosen, this will take approximately a week from final approval.

Riverside Publishing Solutions can place your book on Amazon and other online sellers as well as register ISBNs and supply copies to the British Library.