Healing Me So My Children Can Be – Part 1: Dark Night of the Soul


About The Author

Charlotte Coltman

Charlotte Coltman

Charlotte Coltman is an MBA educated professional with previous experience of bringing to fruition social projects. She is also a healer.

Her early career in Financial Services included starting life making cups of tea as an office junior, progressing to a fund managers assistant, then credit analyst and investment manager working in high-risk investments (high yield, emerging markets and distressed). However, the lifestyle left her searching for something more in life. Travelling the world, teaching English as a foreign language, studying her MBA in Australia and renovating a property on the south coast are such examples.

Her search for meaning to her life took her to East Africa in 2010 where she worked in international development supporting the build of a girl’s secondary school in Tanzania and establishing a small NGO, Grassroots Tanzania, in 2012 working in a remote rural part of the country. After 5 years, she returned to the UK with her 2 young children.

Alongside her search for greater meaning in her life, Charlotte struggled with her mind health experiencing bouts of depression, anxiety and culminating in trauma and panic attacks in 2017. Determined as a mother not to pass on, or project her emotional challenges onto her young children, Charlotte embarked on a challenging journey to heal herself and take responsibility for her health. This journey of timeline healing, ancestral healing and tangential (or past/future) lives healing enabled her greater understanding at a deeper level and in doing so started to reveal her gifts at a soul level.

Charlotte is insured as an energy healer (violet flame), spiritual mentor, meditation facilitator and angelic reiki practitioner.

Healing Me So My Children Can Be is a series for three books about a mother’s journey to heal her PTSD, uncover her true purpose in life and accept the guidance her young children were offering.

This first part, The Dark Night of the Soul, takes us on her path of healing trauma where courage and self-compassion became her trusted allies in working through inner child, relationship, ancestral and other healing aspects to uncover her abilities and gifts to reach a place of self-love and acceptance with peace in her life.