Souls Are Made Of Shadows


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B Format Portrait (198×129mm)

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Robin Banks

Ivy is good at hatred. She hates her world, her country and herself. But most of all the person she hates is Kiara. Kiara is everything Ivy wished she was – beautiful, loved and perfect.

Kiara is good at kindness. She’s kind to the world, and her friends. But most of all she’s cruel to herself. Ivy is everything Kiara wished she was – confident, loved and perfect.

When Ivy’s class is captured by the Republic of Necare, Ivy and Kiara are forced together, Ivy starts to learn that maybe the world isn’t defined by hatred, that maybe she can love and be loved back.

But the Republic of Necare has suppressed its citizens for too long, and soon enough Ivy meets Phoenix, who would sacrifice anything to destroy the Republic. She too gets caught up in the rebellion with him, and as the revolution begins and tensions intensify, Ivy and Kiara are forced to fight for who and what they love.