The Jennifer Brown Trilogy

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About The Author

Angie Langley

Angie Langley

Angie’s books are based on her true-life experiences inspired by the highs and lows of a distant past that has given her the strength to tackle each day with a smile. Lighthearted and poignant Angie tells her story with with honesty and bags of humour, focusing on everyday situations that many women will relate to. Throughout her story Angie champions the importance of self-belief by tackling the subject of self-confidence and how the lack of it often effects so many in our society. Convinced confidence needs to be nurtured and encouraged by those around us, Angie’s message to other women: “The key to self-confidence is believing YOU CAN!”

The Jennifer Brown Trilogy Bundle


Jennifer Brown’s Journey

The first in a series of three books, Jennifer Brown’s Journey is a story of female self-empowerment and the triumph of the human spirit in the face of challenges that most women will recognise. Lighthearted and poignant, the story gives readers a very real sense of a woman, initially rather ditzy, maturing into a redoubtable, self-possessed individual who faces her many challenges with developing aplomb.

Jennifer Brown Moving On

Five feet one and full of fizz, Jennifer Brown has learned to roll with the punches and adapt to whatever life throws at her.

It’s thrown plenty in the past and she’s had to use her steely core to reinvent herself, first as cook and housekeeper to a saucy sexagenarian, then as manager of a tumbledown country estate with sensitive secrets.

In Jennifer Brown Moving On, this Bridget Jones with knobs on is taking charge of her life again, showing the world she can move in the most exalted, high-power circles and lose not an ounce of her gutsy, down-to-earth charm.

Her hilarious cross-dressing confidant Will is on hand once again, with pearls of caustic widsom, and her old boss Jonathan Dashwood-Silk breezes in and out of her life, still dripping charisma but still needing our heroine to dig him out of the odd hole.

As she crosses continents and breaks bread with the world’s movers and shakers, Jennifer Brown finds her mind still troubled by thoughts of the quiet man with the warm eyes and the velvet vowels. Then that daydream is torpedoed when she’s invited to his wedding.

But you know Jennifer. She never gives up.

Jennifer Brown To The Manner Born

This Bridget Jones with knobs on has moved on quite a bit since she was the worst typist on the planet, using every ounce of her steely core to rise to the shedloads of challenges life has thrown at her. In Jennifer Brown To The Manner Born, our fiery five-foot-one free spirit has greatness thrust upon her, now that she’s been gifted the rambling Elizabethan manor house she used to manage. But you know Jennifer – she can move in the most sophisticated of society’s circles and lose none of her gutsy, down-to-earth charm. And, as always, she’ll need all her reserves of energy, strength and good humour to keep a whole host of balls in the air – the threat of financial ruin, her best friend’s broken heart, and two proposals of marriage. Oh, and two unexpected llamas. As usual, she’ll find creative ways to deal with it all. But the universe is about to choose the happiest, most rewarding time in Jennifer’s life to throw her the biggest challenge yet.