Not Time to Put Out The Lights


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Stephen Henstridge

Stephen Henstridge

For all of his working life (47 years), Stephen worked in the metalwork industry. During his leisure hours he trained in a gym and kept himself fit for 30 years since finishing playing football. Like most people he enjoys a drink now and then and although he has never smoked cigarettes he did used to enjoy one small cigar with a soft drink whilst sitting on the wall outside of his house each evening, contemplating the events of the day.

He has been married for over 40 years to Jackie who along with his daughter Sonya, and his son Stuart, have been my rock throughout the whole process. He has three grandsons, Reece, Louie and Finley.

Never did I think that I would ever write a book, until my life’s journey brought me to this point. When I came home from hospital after my transplant and started to settle back into normal life, I began to think and remember different things about my transplant journey, and so as not to forget any memories I started writing notes, which from there I felt the need to carry on writing and then this turned into my book. Writing my story was so important for my mental health because it meant I no longer have to worry about forgetting memories of my transplant.