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A Guide on Submitting Your Manuscript to Riverside Publishing Solutions

To help make the process of producing your book as smooth as possible, we would ideally like to receive your manuscript based on the guidelines below, this will save any confusion or extra work. Files can be submitted via email to or if larger than 10Mb, use an online cloud service like WeTransfer, Google Drive or Dropbox. How to Supply Text Files... A single Word file (.docx) containing all of the content for your book. Please ensure the file submitted is the final version of your work. The prelim pages should consist of a title page, copyright information (if...

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How to Request Changes to an Adobe PDF Proof

Image showing Acrobat Comments

Authors will often spend a lot of time fine tuning their manuscript before submitting for page production. Hours and hours are often spent looking over the text, fine tuning and spotting typos, spelling and grammatical errors. Even if the manuscript is professionally copy-edited, there is likely to still be some changes required once the pages are produced. The issue now is that the Word file is no longer in use, the text has since been inserted into Adobe InDesign and only that file can be changed. Therefore, any changes at this stage will need to be carried out by the...

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Self-Publishing and How it Can Work for You

Just recently there was a Moneybox feature on BBC Radio 4 about self-publishing and the one thing that concerned us was the number of people who are being misled by what many are calling "hybrid publishers". There appears to be companies within the UK who are falsely promising authors success and taking their money to produce and publish their book. Often it seems they are also taking the rights away from the authors, introducing contracts and then, if the book does not sell, the author is left high and dry with nothing. At Riverside Publishing Solutions, we have often referred...

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Riverside Publishing Solutions and the COVID-19 Crisis

We would like to take this opportunity to explain how Riverside Publishing Solutions has adapted and managed during the COVID-19 Pandemic and how we continue to provide our services to publishers and self-publishing authors. The first disruption this year we encountered was the anticipated cancellation of The London Book Fair. At the time, we had suspected the virus was going to make a big impact within the UK and were hastily preparing how we would cope in such a situation. The London Book Fair is a great opportunity to meet with existing and potential new clients and we had a...

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How to self-publish your book with Riverside Publishing Solutions

There are many reasons why you may wish to self-publish your book as opposed to the method of selling via a publisher. You may have written it for a very niche market, perhaps you are the one person who can sell and promote your book the best way. You may also wish to obtain more profits from selling your book and want to retain the copyright. Another advantage is you do not have to wait for literary agents or publishers to start working on your title. Riverside Publishing Solutions produce top quality paperback, hardback and eBooks. We always like to hear of...

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