There is no Script


About The Author

Diana McNally

Diana McNally

Losing those you love can be life changing. This is what happened to Diana McNally, who during her life has experienced the loss of friends and family dear to her. Diana is a kind and selfless person, so it was no surprise that when widowed, she was to find comfort supporting others along their own bereavement journey.

Diana is a keen amateur wildlife photographer. Her love of nature has provided inspiration and the backdrop for some of her images. But it is her love of camerawork, poetry and meticulous attention to detail that has helped her to express her own journey and bring this book together.

A day that started like no other was on course to change the future beyond all recognition. Without warning a fatal accident turned a happy, familiar life into one of traumatic heartache. A different life, one of emotional survival from which to begin again, to provide the foundation in which to live, laugh, love and to find oneself again.

Through chosen words, rhyme and the illustration of self-portrait photography, this book sets out to tell a story; my story. Every turn of a page takes the reader on a journey. From the dark early days of living with bereavement and dealing with the complexity of grief. It gives an insight as to how riding the emotional highs and lows has helped me to come to terms with living a life alone.

With no script or timeline to follow this personal and unique journey has been mine to own, to find independence and eventually a contentment to live once more.