4 Benefits of Publishing with Hybrid Publishers

4 Benefits of Publishing with Hybrid Publishers

Hybrid publishing gives you the best of both self-publishing and traditional publishing. British-born writer Gabi Coatsworth shares that hybrid publishers offer traditional perks like editing, design, and distribution while increasing your chances of getting published as soon as possible. On top of that, hybrid publishers offer unique advantages regarding the rights, royalties, distribution, and other services for your book.

However, it’s understandable that many aspiring authors are still hesitant to try hybrid publishing due to its relative novelty. So if you’re an author who’s considering hybrid publishing, here are the following advantages that this route can bring to you:

It increases your chances of getting published

Traditional publishers can be very strict with their guidelines to the point that they can miss out on promising talents.

Joe Sedgwick of The Literary Consultancy explains that top literary agents will typically take on five to ten writers out of 3,000 submissions per year. The slim chance of getting published causes many writers to DIY the whole process and self-publish their books, without knowing that they can easily get their works out there through hybrid publishers. These publishers take in your draft and improve it with their team, thus increasing your chance of getting published and recognised for your work.

Authors get to retain their rights to their book

After working so hard on your book, you deserve to retain your rights.

As such, our article on ‘Self-Publishing and How It Can Work For You’ highlights how Riverside Publishing Solutions allows every author to retain the rights to their work. Riverside has terms and conditions for books sold on the distribution network, but authors are not bound to a contract that restricts their decisions regarding the book. In fact, authors can even decide to take on a conventional publishing route at a later date or even sell the book through their own means because they retain the rights to their work.

You get more control over your own work

Authors are more likely to retain their rights through hybrid publishing, so it’s easier for them to participate in every step of the publishing process.

Though this may sound too good to be true, an episode from Self Publishing School states that hybrid publishing allows authors to decide on the book format or even the stores where their works will be sold. Authors who work with hybrid publishers also have a voice in marketing and sales strategies, making it possible for them to pursue the direction they want for their books. Through this collaborative approach, you get the advantage of working with publishing experts that respect and listen to your opinions.

Books are marketed and distributed better

Despite having more freedom with your book, you also get the privilege of being able to consult with experts during the marketing and distribution process.

The Missing Pages podcast exposes that there are plenty of marketing and distribution issues that can occur in the literary world, which is why it’s crucial that you can supervise the process and keep everyone accountable. You’ll also be putting a lot of time, money, and resources into promotion, and hybrid publishers can ensure that these efforts can reap meaningful results. Given that there are plenty of people overlooking the process, you can ensure that your works will be distributed and marketed properly.

If you want to fulfill your dream of getting published, you should consider working with a hybrid publisher. These publishers can speed up the process, without compromising the quality of the publication process.

Article written by Jianna Tucker

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